The Duff ; Why everyone needs to see it

fbSo, recently, I heard about this movie called ‘The DUFF’ and decided to watch it because it had one of my favorite actors, Robbie Amell in it, and cause I read the book version, too. But that’s not who this movie is about.

The DUFF shows how most of us feel like inside. Watching the popular kids at school, seeing everyone treat you like a nobody, not get noticed, etc.


The story follows Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman), a nerdy girl who’s best friends with two of the most popular girls in high school, Casey (Bianca A. Santos) and Jess (Skyler Samuels). She lives a normal life, with her only-childhood-not-adult friend Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell) as her neighbor and her somewhat joyous mom (Allison Janney), who’s also a successful lady. She’s living a happy life, that is, until Wesley(Wes, in short) tells her at a party that she’s a DUFF – Designated Ugly Fat Friend – and that she is the most approachable person from her group of friends and that her popular friends use her to be more popular.


So, Bianca makes a deal with Wes. She’ll help him pass Chemistry and he can teach her how not to be a DUFF. These scenes are extremely hilarious and amazing and you see their adorable sides and watch them become proper friends. Also, making miserable Bianca’s life is the school’s most famous and pretty girl, Madison (Bella Thorne), who will do anything to keep Bianca away from Wes(her ex-boyfriend). This movies gives a somewhat cliché ending and even though I rarely watch such movies, this was one of a kind.

Next, the acting

tumblr_nk4rpzdGVN1sq3xw2o2_250  tumblr_nftsbweo7z1raftdpo1_250

That kiss….


That amazing feeling when you say the inspirational stuff..


That smile and those abs..


In the end, it teaches us that your looks don’t matter and that you shouldn’t give a s@#! about what other people think. You should be unique and never change who you are. If someone really loves you, they’re gonna love the real you, not some outsider you pretend to be. Never be afraid to be yourself!~

One hell of a kiss

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One thought on “The Duff ; Why everyone needs to see it

  1. My friend asked me to watch this movie. Unlike me she hates chick flicks and her reason for wanting to see it was well Robbie Amell ❤ but seriously this was the best chick flick of all time and you just highlighted the best parts.

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